Broxbourne Plans

Broxbourne Plans

by Crematorium Editor Westerleigh News

Plans for a new crematorium and cemetery at Woollensbrook, Hoddesdon are due to be unveiled at an exhibition for local residents.

Westerleigh Group Ltd, a specialist cemetery and crematorium operator, were selected by Broxbourne Council to provide this important new facility and are publicising their proposals at the Broxbourne Civic Centre, Hoddesdon on the 13th January between 2pm and 7.30pm.

The site is positioned at Woollensbrook off the Hertford and will provide vital additional burial ground for Hoddesdon with the existing cemetery on Ware Road due to run out of space in the next two years. There is also a recognised need for a new crematorium to serve the district to provide a more accessible choice and relieve pressure on neighbouring crematoria at Enfield and Stevenage. Westerleigh believes the location is ideal providing a quiet and natural setting for funerals while also being easily accessible by road.

The design of the proposal has also taken into account any potential impact on surrounding countryside by introducing sensitive landscaping and memorial gardens. The state of the art crematorium building - built in the local, rural style - will be positioned to sit into the landscape and will offer a natural, tranquil setting.

“If our plans are accepted then, for the first time ever residents would be able to hold a funeral service in a place which is easy to get to from home. The idea is to design the crematorium in a manner which will offer an appropriate environment for families to grieve in peaceful surroundings,” said Richard Evans, Managing Director of Westerleigh Group.

“We also want to make sure it is sensitively designed to complement the rural surroundings, and we want feedback from local residents before submitting our plans.”

The service will be less busy than neighbouring crematoria at Enfield and Stevenage allowing families to choose a time in the middle of the day, typically between 10.30am and 3.00pm. Each service will be a minimum of 45 minutes and there would usually only be four or five funerals held in a day, ensuring that every funeral is afforded the time it needs.

Westerleigh Group already operates 21 crematoria across the country and has an established national reputation for high quality services, a key reason behind Broxbourne Council’s selection. Westerleigh would now welcome your comments on their proposals.