Newport and Monmouthshire Crematorium

Newport and Monmouthshire Crematorium

by Crematorium Editor Westerleigh News

Plans submitted for a new crematorium to serve Newport and Monmouthshire.

The new facility would relieve congestion at Gwent crematorium in Cwmbran. Gwent is the busiest crematorium in the UK, holding over 2800 cremations a year in a single chapel.

For many years, local people have complained that there is no local crematorium to serve the area. Families in Magor, Langstone, Llanmartin and Caldicott have been at a particular disadvantage because of the long journeys they face to get to a crematorium.

Westerleigh Group, one of the biggest crematorium developers and operators nationwide, have now found what they believe to be the ideal site on Magor Road, Langstone. The crematorium would be built in a natural bowl, well screened from the main road and so able to offer the privacy that families like at a funeral. Because it is in a rural setting, the facility has been designed to be in keeping with the character of the area and to blend into the countryside.

A public presentation and exhibition of the plans will take place on Tuesday May 12th at the Old Barn Inn, Llanmartin between 2pm and 7pm with the public asked for their views on the new scheme.

Richard Evans, Managing Director of Westerleigh Group commented:

“People living here do not have a crematorium of their own. They are forced to travel to use Gwent crematorium in Cwmbran, the busiest crematorium in the UK.

As a result they often face long delays to get a slot for a funeral. When they finally get there, they face a conveyor belt experience, which is not the best way to say goodbye to loved ones”.

The new crematorium serving families from Newport and surrounding areas would operate just four services a day, offering a personalised, less hurried service. As a result it has already attracted the support of local funeral directors.

Plans Showing New Crematorium - Please click on the plan below to show expanded view.

View from road and site entrance