1. Can I still organise a funeral during the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic?

Yes, government guidelines are still allowing funerals to go ahead. Currently, attendance for funeral services at our sites is listed on the homepage of each of our crematorium websites.

We know that recent events have made it difficult for people to visit us, and so we are pleased to welcome you back. We are pleased to be able to offer families the opportunity to return to our beautiful chapels and to hold a special memorial service as soon as the restrictions are lifted further.

Please speak with your local crematorium about making these arrangements. 

2. What if I can’t attend or my family can’t attend a funeral?

We are offering a webcasting service allowing people, especially those who are vulnerable and elderly and unable to leave their homes, to watch the service at home and pay their respects remotely. The service is offered at a reduced rate of £30 during the pandemic.


3. How can I organise a funeral?

We would encourage families to contact funeral directors and us by telephone where possible to support the UK’s social distancing requirements.

4. What actions have you taken to ensure the safety of those attending a funeral?

The safety of mourners, our staff and funeral directors is the highest priority for us. Hygiene standards at our sites have always been important to us and additional measures have been introduced to support Public Health England guidance. Our venues are being cleaned after each service.

We continue to encourage visitors to our sites to follow public health guidance including using our facilities to wash your hands before and after funeral services and maintain a sensible distance between each other following the latest governmental guidelines.

5. If I have been in contact with someone with coronavirus, can I attend the funeral?

Anyone who has been in contact with somebody with Covid-19 must not visit our crematorium within 14 days. This is to reduce the risk of infection and to protect the health and wellbeing of the mourners, our staff and Funeral Directors.

6. Can I use hymn books at funerals?

We have temporality removed hymn books from our chapels. Families are allowed to have Orders of Service created for the funerals which will be circulated by the family or funeral director and any copies will be removed at the end of the service.

7. Can I still make charitable donations at a funeral?

We are encouraging people to make any donations online or to speak with the funeral director about alternative options for charitable donations.

8. Can I carry the coffin?

In order to limit human contact and to maintain social distancing, we continue to encourage Funeral Directors not to shoulder coffins into our chapels as all of our sites have wheeled biers for your use.

9. Can the coffin be open?

No, during this time the coffins can’t be open during the service.

10. Can we still have flowers at a funeral?

Yes flowers are still allowed at a funeral. Your funeral director will remove them from the chapel at the end of the service.

11. Can I still play music at a funeral?

Yes, music is a very powerful and important part of the service and we are still encouraging families to have this as part of the celebration. We ask that you speak with your funeral director to arrange this.

12. Can we sing at a funeral?

In line with government guidelines, we are strongly suggesting/encouraging the use of pre-recorded music or choral versions of hymns through our music systems, in order to discourage and minimise singing in our chapels.

13. Do we need to wear face coverings or masks at your crematoriums?

We recommend that all mourners and visitors to our crematoria wear face masks/coverings inside the buildings.

14. What is the Track and Trace system and how will my personal data be used?

We are required to participate in the Track and Trace system to enable future contact of individuals should a case of COVID-19 be identified. Please be assured that personal data will not be shared to any external parties.

15. Will your grounds remain open to the public?

We understand that people want to visit our grounds and these are currently open for those who wish to tend to a grave or pay respects at a loved one’s memorial.

In line with the government guidelines, our offices, grounds and toilet facilities are open to the general public.  Please be assured that our offices will be routinely cleaned and that we are actively encouraging all of our visitors to adhere to social distancing guidelines, follow hygiene precautions and to limit their time on our grounds to protect the safety of themselves and others.