Delivering a sense of peace

Westerleigh Group is a proven partner to the public sector, offering guaranteed levels of care and flexible management agreements to satisfy a wide-range of demands and interests. Our unrivalled experience of working closely with local authorities has helped distinguish Westerleigh as the ‘best in the field’ for the successful transformation of facilities.

Recent Examples

Torbay Council. This 25 year contract for the management of the crematorium, three cemeteries and five closed churchyards, commenced in November 2008.

The agreement will lead to an investment of £3.5M across these facilities including an upgrade of the cremator equipment and refurbishment of the crematorium chapel. The service has also benefited from a major improvement in the standards of maintenance across the burial grounds. West Lothian Council. Westerleigh was selected for the contract to design and build a new crematorium following a tender process in 2008 and were praised for the high quality of the scheme. London Borough of Redbridge. We built London’s first new crematorium for forty years at Forest Park, Hainault.

The site is on the edge of the city and includes a multi faith cemetery and extensive gardens of remembrance. The agreement with Redbridge extends to Westerleigh taking responsibility for the management of four cemeteries and four churchyards. St Edmundsbury Borough Council. In partnership with the council we have created a new cemetery and woodland burial area within the grounds of West Suffolk Crematorium.

The site was landscaped with yew hedges and seasonal planting to create a picturesque and peaceful environment for bereaved families. Newbury District Council. West Berkshire crematorium is the company’s seventh new build and its rural setting is typical of our approach to construct modern, environmentally sensitive designs laid out in a tranquil landscape.