Looking after the environment

Westerleigh Group is committed to maintaining the highest levels of environmental protection across its crematoria and cemetery operations.

In 2021, Westerleigh Group was the first cremation authority in the UK to officially adopt the new Environmental Policy Statement introduced by the Federation of Burial and Cremation Authorities (FBCA). 

New crematoria must be designed to conserve energy, to prevent pollution and to limit the impact of the building and the eventual operations on the surrounding environment. Similar principles are also adopted for the re-design and refurbishment of existing crematoria where substantial improvements in environmental sustainability can be achieved, especially through the upgrade of cremation equipment.

Westerleigh has a proven track record in meeting these new standards, having overseen the installation of new abatement systems in new and existing crematoria. More abatement upgrade schemes are currently planned, which will apply the most advanced technology to eliminate emissions and transform the appearance and operation of each facility.

Our crematoria and cemeteries are also designed with the local surroundings in mind, with a particular emphasis on the landscape to ensure that the buildings blend into their environment . We provide an atmosphere where families can grieve in peaceful surroundings and treasure the memory of their loved ones, amongst gardens, flowers and beauty. Ultimately, we are trying to establish a setting for funerals, green places of natural beauty where the bereaved leave with a sense of peace and calm.

Older cemeteries are treated with the same high regard and offer an urban oasis where history and heritage meet with local ecology and wildlife. Westerleigh understands how important it is to conserve these elements and create the right balance between respect for the dead and enriching a valuable resource for the living.