“...a beautiful setting, very tasteful, and a haven for wildlife.”

Howe Bridge Crematorium

Atherton residents strongly protested against the construction of a new crematorium at Howe Bridge. They now say that it is a real asset to the area and have welcomed its services. Peter Howard explained: “As a local, living near the then proposed crematorium, I was one of the protestors against it. On visiting the crematorium, due to the death of my wife, I was amazed at the transformation of the area, the peacefulness and serenity. None of the things we protested about have materialised!”

Another of the original objectors, Fred Taylor said:“In late 1997 we were very worried when we saw the plans. Some people were concerned that it would devalue houses and the traffic it might generate was another concern for us.” Mr Taylor said: “It is a beautiful setting, very tasteful, and a haven for wildlife. They have planted hundreds of trees and I understand there will be more.

They are developing the landscape all the time, it is a credit to the district. The advantage is that nothing industrial can be built there now”.

Richard Evans, Managing Director of Westerleigh says, “At Howe Bridge we are trying to create a parkland environment where people can return to and spend worthwhile time to walk, sit and remember happier times.” “We provide a sensitive service in keeping with local values, meeting the needs of all sections of the community, matching our operation to their requirements and respecting the people we serve.”

Sun 20 July 14


Westerleigh Group was successful in making the best submission and proceeded with the construction work on the basis of a development brief agreed with the Council. Roger Topsfield, Manager of Corporate Property Services at Basildon District Council, says “I would have no hesitation in saying that the Council would be happy to work with the company again. In fact, since the start of the lease it has been necessary to increase the size of the floral tribute area and a supplementary lease of additional Council land was granted”.

Mon 20 July 15


“It wasn’t just that we needed an operator with the sort of experience and expertise that the Westerleigh Group has,” says Frances Hughes assistant director for Environmental Health and Consumer Protection, Torbay Council. “We chose the Westerleigh Group primarily because of their high levels of professionalism in all aspects of crematorium and cemetery management.” The Torquay Herald Express of April 27th 2009 ran the headline ‘Cemetery praise from past protestor’. It went on: “The look of Torquay cemetery has been praised by one of its fiercest critics from the past. Trevor Parnell made the headlines five years ago when he launched a protest campaign against the council. Trevor’s late father, Fred, is buried at the Hele Road cemetery which is now run for the council by management company Westerleigh. Trevor has noticed a huge improvement. He says: “They have done a brilliant job since taking over. The grass is cut, the place is looking so nice. I just want to say a big thank you to them”.

Mon 20 July 15

Forest Park

Alun Sinclair, the Manager of Community Safety at Redbridge Borough Council, has no doubts about Westerleigh’s competence: “The Westerleigh Group designed and built a new cemetery and crematorium in partnership with the London Borough of Redbridge and since its opening have managed the facility and the Council’s existing cemeteries and closed churchyards. The facility opened within the contracted time period on 1st February 2005 and Westerleigh Group dealt with all of the design, planning and construction matters. The build is to a very high standard and all the managed sites have been maintained to an equally high standard over the past four years. I know of no reason why the Westerleigh Group could not provide a similar service to your Council”

Alun Sinclair - Redbridge Borough Council

Mon 20 July 15

West Lothian

West Lothian Council says, “We are pleased to work with Westerleigh to deliver an important new crematorium facility in West Lothian. Westerleigh were chosen due to their competitive tender, and have a strong track record in this specialist field. We are confident that they will deliver a quality new facility, which will meet a significant need for the people of West Lothian”.

West Lothian Council

Mon 20 July 15