Continued investment in people and facilities

At the heart of Westerleigh’s business is a commitment to ongoing investment. Through investment in both people and facilities, we ensure that the bereaved receive the highest level of care. Accredited as an Investor in People since 2000, Westerleigh has developed a culture where everyone feels a sense of ownership and pride, a fact highlighted by the most recent appraisal: ‘The staff are very committed to the service.

They support the aims and the ethos of the company. Consequently, levels of job satisfaction are high because our colleagues believe and know they are providing a quality service to their communities. They feel recognised and appreciated for this reason alone. The work that our teams do is supported by continued improvements in the facilities under our care.

It is also important to note that we are a private limited company backed by long term investors.

This is an ideal arrangement for the delivery of sustained improvements in cemeteries and crematoria, where continuity and a long term approach is so essential. There is no better company suited for this type of investment and we would be delighted to discuss your specific needs at your earliest possible convenience.

For further information please contact the Development Team on: 0117 937 1052