Recruitment Advisor

Westerleigh Group Head Office

Salary: Competitive

Full time - 40 Hours per week

When friends and family say a final goodbye to a loved one at the crematorium, it can be one of the very hardest parts of a funeral. That’s why it’s so important to deliver a respectful, serene and empathic experience. Which is exactly what our client, Westerleigh, ensures happens.

The 40,000 cremations and burials they deliver each year help to shape a truly fitting end to the funeral service. Westerleigh sees it as an honour and a privilege to be charged with that role and, as a result, it’s made them the largest independent operator of their kind in the UK, employing 300 people across 34 sites.

Joining us as a Recruitment Advisor here at Westerleigh is an opportunity to be a part of something truly meaningful and significant.


The challenge

It takes a special kind of person to deliver the service we provide. As a Recruitment Advisor here, you’ll put everything into making sure that we have the right talent to do things the Westerleigh way. You’ll take a proactive approach to talent acquisition, using your insider knowledge to tap into talent sources in innovative ways. Creating inspiring vacancy posts and engaging talent on social and other media. Building relationships with talent pools and external recruiters. It’s all about using your experience, skills, and finely-tuned recruitment instincts to lead us to the kind of people that make our organisation great.

Supporting our HRD you’ll take a brand-led approach to recruitment, ensuring that the entire recruitment process is representative of Westerleigh values. You’ll create candidate journey stories and other content that will establish our employer brand and give a real sense of what’s great about working for us. You’ll also help make sure that our recruitment process lives up to the company values as well as any external messaging – starting by implementing a new ATS. By listening to the experiences of candidates and employees, you’ll identify areas for improvement and address them. And you’ll see first-hand what a difference your work is making.


The person

As an experienced in-house recruiter, you’ll know that this role is all about people skills and building relationships. With candidates, with existing employees, and with third parties. That’s how you’ve brought positive outcomes in previous roles. Whether it was volume hire or corporate recruitment, you’re someone who will step up and take ownership of the whole recruitment process from end-to-end. This is an opportunity to become a trusted partner within our organisation. You have to live up to that trust, in everything you do – from handling confidential information to the improvements you’ll bring to our recruitment process.

That’s how you’ll leverage our employer brand and put us first in line for the best talent. Achieving that at Westerleigh comes down to being a natural people person as well as an outstanding professional. And that’s how people see you. Why? Because of your amazing communication skills and ability to connect with people on an emotional and professional level. In the way you speak to others and in the job adverts and other recruitment materials you produce. And you’re well-versed in HR legislation and all the essential recruitment tools including LinkedIn and other job boards. That’s why you’ll always attract the kind of talent that will set our organisation – and your career – on a course of continuous improvement.

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Closing Date: Thursday, 22 April 2021