Cromer Town Council praise Westerleigh for beautiful, expertly designed crematorium

Cromer Town Council praise Westerleigh for beautiful, expertly designed crematorium

by Crematorium Editor Westerleigh News

Cromer Town Councillor and Chairman of the Works & General Committee, David Pritchard led the negotiations on behalf of the Town Council said:

“After all this time, I can’t actually believe that the town of Cromer has a crematorium. It will serve not only our town but the nearby towns and villages. So many people have said to me that at a time of bereavement they want the service to take place locally and without the added problems of travel. With many services already due to take place at the crematorium, the demand is already confirmed.”.

Mr. Pritchard added

“Myself and the Town Clerk have met with Westerleigh and their building contractors every month since construction commenced and they have been extremely accommodating, listening and working with us. We look forward to our continued relationship with Westerleigh and we agreed at an early stage of negotiations that out of respect for mourners, there will be no burial or cremation taking place at the same time”.

Mr. Pritchard has recently been shown around the crematorium with the newly appointed manager Sam Dellbridge and Westerleigh’s managing director Richard Evans and said of his visit:  

“I am absolutely amazed at the attention to detail Westerleigh have shown in the new building using high quality materials sourced from all over the UK. The actual structure, the interior decoration and furnishings are beautiful and bereaved families will know that Westerleigh are both caring and expert in what they offer”.

Although the crematorium is owned and operated by Westerleigh, Cromer Town Council will benefit from the operation. As the landowners, the Council will receive a payment for rent and a payment based on the use of the crematorium. Cllr Pritchard said:

“Along with the benefit of the crematorium there will be the added financial benefit to the Council, the town and the residents of Cromer. We will be using the money wisely for new projects and as Chairman of the committee that looks after the cemetery, at budget time I will be asking for some money to be set aside for improvements in the cemetery”.