New crematorium takes shape above Great Chesterford

New crematorium takes shape above Great Chesterford

by Crematorium Editor Westerleigh News

A new crematorium, being built on land near Great Chesterford by the Westerleigh Group Ltd., is expected to open at the end of the coming November or in early December.

Planning permission was granted in April 2016, despite objections from the local Parish Council.

The new facility will fi ll a need in the provision of cremation services; at present, most such funerals need to go to Bar Hill, outside Cambridge and not easy for some people to access. Funeral directors in and around Saffron
Walden are said to be much in favour of the new crematorium.

The new facility, which is said to have cost £5,500,000 overall, is set into the hillside above Great Chesterford.
Richard Evans, Managing Director of Westerleigh, told the Walden Local: “It’s a quiet and private spot with stunning views, carved into the hillside, and it is to be called Cam Valley Crematorium.”

The new crematorium is likely to hold up to over a thousand services each year once it has become established, an average of 4 or 5 cremations each day, with hourly intervals between funerals.

There will be parking for up to 77 visitor’s cars, with a separate staff parking area. Westerleigh run over thirty crematoria throughout the country, including the Parndon Wood in Harlow.