Crematorium Plans For Driving Range

Crematorium Plans For Driving Range

by Crematorium Editor Westerleigh News

Plans have been submitted to create a new crematorium in Leeds on the site of a golf driving range.

The Planning Hub in Nottingham has put together the plans on behalf of Westerleigh Group to redevelop Garforth Golf Centre and to erect a crematorium.

The Garforth Golf Centre driving range covers 20 acres and is more than 400 yards long.

Westerleigh Group is a developer and operator of 26 other crematoria in the UK, which operates more than 30,000 funerals a year.

The crematorium building will be located to the centre of the site and it is proposed to form a new access point onto Long Lane which will form the new entrance to the site.

Parts of the centre would also be landscaped to provide plenty of space and areas for mourners to congregate.

The crematorium building itself will be a single storey building although some parts, such as the chapel, will form slightly higher elements to serve their intended purpose.

The building has been designed with relatively shallow pitched roofs that will keep the overall height of the building down.

The chapel would have a seating capacity of 98 and standing room to the rear of the chapel area in the event that a service was required to accommodate more than this.

A total of 80 car parking spaces would also be available for mourners.

As 95 per cent of funerals are held between 10.30am and 3.30pm, meaning that most mourners begin entering a crematorium from 10am and all leaving by 4.30pm.

The expected number of funeral services taking place would be an average of five per day and based on the population catchment and death rates, translate to an average of around 1,260 cremations per year.


Taken from: Insider Media Ltd