Do you want ‘An Irish Goodbye’?

Do you want ‘An Irish Goodbye’?

by Crematorium Editor Westerleigh News

A leading provider of direct cremations says the Oscar-winning success of the short film “An Irish Goodbye” is prompting conversations across the UK on how people would like to see their lives celebrated when they die.

The 20-minute film revolves around estranged brothers coping with grief, who take delivery of their mother’s ashes and decide to carry out a bucket list of her wishes with them.

Distinct Cremations, who provide direct cremation services throughout the UK, say a growing number of people are now specifying that they would like a no-fuss cremation leaving their families free to say goodbye in their own way, with the ashes as the centre piece to the remembrance, as opposed to the coffin.

Mark Hull, Chief Marketing Officer of Distinct Cremations said: “In the film the urn of ashes gets involved in all sorts of things including Tai Chi, sky-diving, ballooning and modelling for a life drawing class.

“It has started a lot of conversations as people realise that paying tribute to someone who has died can be so much more than just gathering at a church or crematorium for an hour.  A funeral is a time for those still living to come together and celebrate the life of their loved one – and this can be done in a way that reflects the life of the individual and not in the way that tradition may dictate.

“This might be at a beauty spot where they can scatter the ashes, the local club or pub they enjoyed or hospitality at the football match – or even gather together to watch a movie that meant a lot to the person concerned.  Or you could do 100 different things like the brothers in an Irish Goodbye.

“If you have a direct cremation, we take care to present the ashes back to the family so that they can then go through the grieving process with a farewell event personalised to their wishes and circumstances.

“Everyone should be able to say goodbye in their own distinct way. Traditional funerals have changed a great deal and many families now want the freedom to choose what they do and when they do it.”

Distinct Cremations, a leading direct cremations and funeral plan provider based in Cannock, is part of Westerleigh Group, the UK’s largest independent owner and operator of cemeteries and crematoria with 37 sites across England, Scotland and Wales.

All services provided by Distinct Cremations, such as direct unattended services and small-scale direct cremations take place across Westerleigh Group crematoria and whilst delivered at lower cost, they are performed with the exceptional care that Westerleigh Group is renowned for.

Savings made by arranging a direct cremation mean that families are left with a greater choice of options for their loved one’s farewell celebration.  

Details of direct cremations can be found at www.distinctcremations.co.uk along with how an individual can specify their end-of-life wishes through a funeral plan.